Thursday, 5 January 2012

Baby Bear

This, I suppose, is the photo that launched this blog, although I didn't know that at the time. I took it on my birthday (which is just five days after my son's), when he was a tiny newborn, only five days old. It wasn't the first photo I took of him, not by any means. But in this photo, he is dressed as a little bear. I wouldn't say this was planned, but having arrived sooner than expected, and smaller than expected (over new year, when all the shops were shut), my little boy wasn't well furnished with well-fitting clothes, at that point. This tiny bear suit was one of few items that fitted, purchased for him by his doting Momo (my Mum - Mummy's Mummy). Being born on New Year's Eve meant it was chilly at that time of year, so he got his wear out of it.
'Oh look,' I said to myself, cooing over my newly born, precious, sleeping son. 'He looks like one of my teddies, and is about the same size.' And I carried my sleeping child (that's all he did, back then) over to my stuffed toys, and propped him against them. I took a few snaps, and that was that... Except it wasn't... It was the first of many...