Saturday, 14 February 2015

Seasonal Holiday Tree

I don't know about anyone else, but I always feel a bit 'down' at the beginning of the year. I love Christmas, the run up to it, and especially all the twinkly lights and nostalgic decorations. It makes me feel sad when all the Christmas decorations come down, and it's dull and grey outside.

So, this year, I have come up with a plan to counter my seasonal blues. I want to celebrate all the seasons of the year, with festive ideas all year round! Hopefully, this will always give me something to look forward to.
I had left the idea a little bit late, but even so, I wanted to make a 'Valentine's Tree' to start off my seasonal decorations. This one is very basic, just a few red dog-wood twigs from my own garden (I love dog-wood!), and some home-made heart decorations, with some pink tissue paper in a clear glass vase. I call it my 'Valentine's Twee' (because it is a bit). My boy helped me make some of the decorations, and I'm on the look out for some (tasteful!) ornaments that we can re-use every year.

I want to decorate an Easter Tree too (I already have some ideas in mind for that). I was hoping I might find a nice white tree with fairy-lights that I could use for Valentine's and Easter, but I don't want to spend a fortune. I haven't seen one I like yet, so in the mean-time, my dog-wood will suffice.

Other festive ideas I plan to do throughout the year, include:
Valentine's Tree
Easter Tree
Summer Solstice (fairy garden outdoors - I made one last year, and will replenish it this year to celebrate Summer).
Halloween Tree

These are a few festive ideas to get me through the year. What else am I missing? Ideas appreciated! Especially things my little boy might enjoy.