Friday, 20 June 2014

Fairy Garden

I made a fairy garden, today. It was inspired by an idea I saw on Pinterest, so I can't take credit for the concept, but I did modify it to suit myself. This consists entirely of 'found objects' (with the exception of the alpines, which I bought specially for the purpose). As much as I'd like to say I built this for the sake of my toddler, the reality is that he napped throughout its creation, and wasn't all that interested in the finished product (apart from the fairy jewels. Those, he'd love to play with... and lose... instantly).

The pot belonged to a friend, whose garden I visited recently. He was mourning the loss of this fabulous pot, due to fox damage (or some other creature). I sympathised, and asked if I could have it! May have seemed an odd request, but I already had the fairy garden in mind. I had originally hoped to find or create a little fairy-house for the top of it, but as I already had this rather fabulous tree root amongst my collection of found objects, I thought a tree-house made a much more organic 'home' for the fairies to inhabit. Other ingredients include some glass beads, some odd earrings (I'm always losing one of the pair), some moss taken from other plants around the garden, and a borrowed snail. I'm not sure what the little 'tree' to the right is. It looks like a bonsai, though I'm certain it isn't. My Mum gave it to me, and it seems to thrive in all conditions, so I'm hoping it will cope with the same conditions as the alpines (even if the moss doesn't).

For anyone interested in such things, the alpines are (according to their labels):
Leptinella (Platt's Black)
Isotama (Fairy Carpet)
Armeria (Nifty Thrifty)
Sedum (Coral Carpet)
Ajuga (Metallica Crispa)
Mentha (Requienii) - which smells divine, by the way.

And at night, the tree house is lit by a little LED light, so the fairies can party in style. Hopefully, word will spread, and it will be inhabited by the fairy folk by Summer Solstice, tomorrow.