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My interest in photography began on the other side of the camera, in my role as a professional singer and actress. As a photographic subject, viewing images of myself, I developed an instinctive sense for what creates a good photo, including composition, lighting, and atmosphere. I bought my first DSLR in 2005 and began my hobby as a photographer. This interest developed into a passion, and as I travelled the world through my work, my skills behind the camera gradually improved to the extent that I have now sold images professionally (although photography remains, for me, mainly a hobby).

My subject matter is whatever I see before me, and I have been privileged to work on board the QE2 until her retirement, allowing me to travel the world and bid goodbye to the famous liner on her final voyage to Dubai in 2008.

I've also been lucky to work track-side at several renowned races within the field of mororsport, including the 24 hour Le Mans, 24 hour Moto, and A1GP.

These days, since becoming a mother, my subject matter is most frequently my young son. I took the first photograph of him when he was just an hour or two old (he was born on 31st December, 2011).

When he was a few days old, dressed in a little bear suit, I photographed him amongst my teddies - which became the first of many themed costume shoots.

As he's grown older, he has developed his own interest in dressing up, and loves taking part in these themed shoots - often contributing ideas of his own (he is a very imaginative boy, and I am very proud of him). After three and a half years of taking themed pictures of him, I was encouraged to share those photos via this blog. The photos I've taken of my son, I refer to as 'Ro&Ro' (a combination of our names).

Having travelled around the world, I pondered for many years how best to catalogue a decade's worth of travel and reportage photography. I finally decided to combine all my favourite images into this blog, and the travel aspect of my collection comprises 'To & Fro.'

All of my photography is shot using natural or available light, and I rarely use digital manipulation (other than to enhance reality in my photos). Although the themed photos I take of my son are more contrived, I still use available light and shoot him doing whatever comes naturally to him. None of my reportage photography is 'staged,' I prefer to capture a moment of reality as and when it happens.
As well as themed portraits of my son and travel and reportage photography, which are my main personal interests, I have also occasionally shot commissioned portraits, events, 'Urbex,' theatrical, and motorsport images, as well as various other subject matter (I will happily shoot whatever is in front of my camera lens at the time).

Aside from photography, I have also become increasingly interested in gardening, and over the last few years, I've enjoyed growing and maintaining my small garden. This blog features some plant photography from my garden, and occasional posts about specific gardening projects as I attempt new ideas outdoors.

With a young child, I am always on the look out for means of entertaining him, and this blog also features occasional seasonal and crafty ideas I have attempted with my young son.

On 22nd December, 2017, my daughter Holly Rose was born, and tragically, died only 15 minutes later. Her loss triggered in me a need to write, and I turned to this blog (which was conveniently already set up, but had unintentionally been abandoned for a while) to express my thoughts and feelings about her short life, and coping with her loss. From that date onwards, my blog changed direction, and is no longer specifically about photography (although I do intend to upload further photography posts in future). The truth is, I will never be the same person again, after her death. So if there is a rather marked and sudden change in direction in blog posts before and after this date, it reflects the change in my own outlook before and after her loss. Many people have contacted me to say they have found it helpful to read my posts regarding her death, and for that reason, I will continue to share her story, and my journey through losing her.

The images you see here on my blog are (regrettably), for the most part, web-sized, and watermarked - because experience has taught me that the copyright of images posted on the internet is not always respected, and I would prefer to maintain control over where these images are shared. The vast majority of them are available as large, high-resolution images and can be purchased as prints. In most cases, I can also supply them as large files suitable for stock or commercial purposes. I decided against uploading them to stock sites (largely because uploading such a vast backlog of photographs would be very time-consuming). If interested in purchasing any of the photos on this blog, as prints or for commercial usage, please contact me for a quote.

You can contact me via email: rosannepriest@gmail.com
or find me on facebook,
or Twitter.

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