Saturday, 29 December 2012

First Christmas

Time goes too fast, and before I knew it, he was almost one. Being a huge fan of Christmas, I couldn't wait to recreate the magic of the festive season with my son, and he had a number of exceedingly cute Christmas outfits to get into the spirit. But the Santa suit made the nicest photos, as he opened his gifts on Christmas Day.

From a photography perspective, I only ever use natural or available light, so the winter months are generally difficult to photograph (snow being the exception), as there is so little light, and so few hours of daylight. Hence, I have many photos of this special season, but very few of them have made it onto this blog for public consumption (and most reside in my private yearbooks). I did love this 'Santa set,' though.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Winter Woollens

These photos were taken in the run up to his first Christmas. We had a very difficult time in December of little Ro's first year, when he was eleven months old, and was admitted to hospital with pneumonia. It was a horrendously scary and stressful time, but fortunately, after a five day stint in the children's ward, he was fully recovered (and has mercifully, never been so poorly since). I think these photos were taken in celebration of his recovery, when he was back to his happy self (and wrapped up warm!)

 My usual indecision over black and white versus colour version!